This isn’t about us.

iCouch isn’t really about you, your practice isn’t about you, it isn’t about us either. At the end of the day, everything we do, every decision we make is designed to make mental health care work better for the people that need it.

iCouch represents our goal of bringing order to the complexity you face being a mental health practitioner. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen but it still feels familiar, it feels like what you would have built for yourself.

We designed it to provide a beautiful experience not just for you, but also your clients and potential clients. When you interact with your clients through iCouch, the quality of their experience is just as important as the quality of yours. It establishes a standard of excellence, it associates quality with your practice. It encourages them to stay the course.

iCouch will help you elevate therapy.

We’ve talked to hundreds of practitioners, countless patients, we hired world class designers and incredible software engineers. We cleaned the slate, leaving behind old assumptions and old ideas about how mental health software should work.

Design is the iCouch DNA. The means that every aspect of what we do is driven by design. It’s driven by decisions of what to leave out as much as it is about what to leave in.

Design doesn’t just determine how something looks, but how it works.

Design defines so much of the experience. In fact, design is the experience. Have you ever used a piece of terrible software? Have you ever tried to pull a door when it was supposed to be pushed? Have you ever tried to plug a USB cable in? It doesn’t have to be like that.

With iCouch, it isn’t like that.

Our mission was to build something that was incredibly powerful, a product that gave therapists everything they needed to elevate therapy, both within their practice but also as a profession.

We embraced simplicity. We have created something that so easy to use that it becomes an extension of you as a professional.

Simplicity isn’t about the removal of clutter and distraction. It’s about bringing order to complexity.

We hope you like what we’re building for you.

CEO and Co-Founder